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Persian Diaspora Connect

For the diaspora & friends

At Persian Diaspora Connect (PDC), we aim to develop the most robust and inclusive online and in-person programming to learn and celebrate our shared cultural heritage with fellow members of the diaspora and friends. We will provide hybrid Persian language instruction, social events, cultural holiday celebrations, and creative performances for people of all ages and diverse backgrounds.  

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Download a FREE document for Shabe Yalda 

Shabe Yalda is coming up on December 21st, 2022. Join our mailing list to get a free downloadable PDF which includes the following: 

- A brief mythology and history of the holiday

- Details on current Shabe Yalda traditions 

- Crafts and activities for the whole family

Join our mailing list for your free copy of the PDC Shabe Yalda Workbook 

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